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The past two nights, we've been using our SoyToy for making tasty beverages and such. Yesterday, we used the solid leftovers (called "okara" in Japan) from making almond/walnut milk to make veggie burgers (along with onions, carrots, celery, oats and a dozen or so other random veggie ingredients). YUMM!!!

Tonight, I mixed soy beans with hazelnuts to make some fresh soymilk. After adding some cinnamon, vanilla and a few spoonfuls of turbinado, maple and rice syrup (I like variety in my sweets) into the 2 quart vat, I melted 1/3 of a bar of nice dark chocolate into 2 cups of finished product and we had hot chocolate after eating leftover veggie burgers. Words fail to describe how absolutely awesome this is.

This is one of those kitchen appliances that goes into hibernation for a month or two at a time (small kitchen), but is totally worth it. We use it about as much as our juicer, though the SoyToy is a bit easier to clean up and requires much less interaction.

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