br0ken_dolly (br0ken_dolly) wrote in vegancooking,

seitan fiasco?

okay, so i heart seitan like nobody's business. i make my own because i live with two boys who have big appetites, and because i love seitan. so i make it in big batches.

so every once in awhile a batch comes out craptastic... it doesnt quite set right, so it's more like soggy bread than firm perfect seitan. sometimes the outside is a lil soggy/wet, and i can deal with that, but when it's like that all the way through, it's just irritating as hell.

i've tried pan frying slices of it when it's like this, and eventually the outside dries out and crisps up, but the inside stays soggy and yuck.

has this ever happened to you? is there anything i can do to fix it? is there any hope for it? or do i call it a loss and make a new batch? thanks.
Tags: seitan, techniques-seitan
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