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yogourt (yoghurt? yogurt?)

me'n'my mostly vegan roommates have been muddling lately about varying our mostly processed soy-based diet a little.  now that we've varied our protein sources (and gotten off the tofutti.. sigh) we feel a lot healthier for the variety and unprocessed-ness of our newfound diets.

current snag:  i've just made a batch of stellar granola, but granola is downright depressing without something thick and creamy and smooth to dollop overtop. i'm in the midst of the following soygurt-replacing experiment:

we've mixed 2/3 cup whole almonds and 1/3 cup whole pitted dates, soaked them in 1/2 cup water for the evening and blended it all in the food processor.  the result is something rich and creamy (if a little bit mealy because of those silly stubborn almonds).

so now what?

i'm hoping that the result will be smoother, a little less heavy (y'know how yogourt is kind of inexplicably fluffy?) and homogenized.
should i cook it with some agar and mix it in the blender again? should i add some coconut milk or banana and just whip the crap out of it?

your suggestions and brainstormings are ever so much appreciated.  I'd be the hoppiest bunny in the world if i could mow some perfect soy-free (or less soy-saturated at least) yogourt'n'granola tomorrow morning.
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