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southern-style butter beans

not sure how many Southerners we have on vegancooking, but i'll give this a try:

as a sun-loving southerner trapped in grad school in freezy indiana, i find myself craving favorite bone-sticking foods amid the snow flurries. in particular, i want to make some thick, rich, (as-close-to)authentic vegan butter beans. (not green limas--these butter beans are about the size of your thumbnail, flat, and usually white/yellowish.) simple recipes call for water, salt, and a little butter (i can use Earth Balance); more complex ask for chicken bits or ham hocks, among other things.

today i simmered my soaked beans in Imagine No-Chicken broth til soft; had to add a little arrowroot for thickening. salt and pepper and nothing else.

my impromptu recipe is tasty but lacks the thickness and especially creaminess of traditional recipes--the bone-sticking quality which i crave!

i know this is probably a long shot, but i'd love your suggestions if you have any!

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