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Birthday Dinner based around vegan "clam" chowder

So, my boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and I wanted to cook him his dream vegan birthday dinner.

He has only been vegan for one year, an omni before that, and one of the things he misses most is clam chowder, so I wanted to base the meal off of that. I would like the meal to include a salad, soup, entree and dessert. Any ideas going along with this theme, or any tried-and-true recipes for the things I have thought of would be GREATLY appreciated!

Salad: I was thinking maybe a lite vegan caesar salad, I was thinking since generally the caesar dressings include anchovies, maybe it'd be fitting for the starter to a seafood themed meal?

Soup: "clam" chowder. I have never had the real thing, nor the fake, so any tried-and-true recipes or takes on this would be fantastic!

Entree: He really wants to retry the mock lobster we tried on Thanksgiving. The marinade recipe we found in the newspaper was pretty rough, so if anyone has any ideas on this one, that'd be great. I was thinking a garlic butter wine sauce, but i've never had lobster so I'm open to ideas. I was thinking of making the lobster homemade, but we were both pretty pleased with the taste/texture of the premade one we found at the asian market, so I think I'll work off of that.

I was thinking mashed potatoes, and artichokes for sides on that, as those are two of our favorites. Any ideas you may have for those are always welcome.

Dessert: He wants a strawberry cheesecake. Has any tried this recipe: http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=17984.0 Or, does anyone have a knock out one? I have tried both good adn pretty bad vegan cheesecakes, and I don't want to end up with a gross one.

Thanks so much for your input!
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