Kuntrageous! (laceyslostlove) wrote in vegancooking,

pumpkin butter

I'm house sitting for my in-laws this week (they're vegan, and about 90% raw) and they had something not raw in their fridge that ended up being amazing. Amish Pumpkin Butter. The ingredients say Pumpkin, Apple Juice Concentrate, Spices.
Sounds easy to me. I was thinking i'd add nutmeg and cinnamon.
Does anyone have any ideas on the proportions though? I was thinking a can of pumpkin (i can get fresh where i live this time of year), maybe a couple of tablespoons of the apple juice concentrate..??
Anyone have a recipe they've used before? This is a great way for me to cut a lot of sugar from my diet since i've fallen in love with this Sugarfree Pumpkin Butter...
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