nora margaret joan (narkivity) wrote in vegancooking,
nora margaret joan

Tofu Pies Help!

I am in desperate need of advice..I am planning on making two types of tofu pies, but i am pulling the recipe out of my head and could definitely use some help. I want to make a s'more vegan pie and a chocolate peanut butter one. I have the following:
-Jar of Peanut Butter
-Ricemellow Cream
-2 pkgs Silken Tofu (1 lb each)
-Agar flakes
-Vegan Graham cracker pie shell
-Vegan Chocolate wafer pie shell
-Vegan peanut butter wafer cookies (like oreos, but with pb filling and vanilla cookies..figured i could use this with the peanut butter chocolate pie)
-Vegan oreo wafer cookies
-Roughly 18 oz chocolate chips

I also have hemp milk, soymilk, vanilla, canola oil, molasses, baking powder..

Basically, I am a college student stuck in a dorm and this is what I complied, haha. I was figuring I could somehow flavor the tofu, add agar so it will gelatinize..any advice, or is this a hopeless case?
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