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sugar cookie egg replacers - YES, I CHECKED THE TAGS FIRST

i want to make this recipe for valentines day but none of the stores around me sell egg replacer. i don't want to use apple sauce or bananas as i want to get the sugar cookie flavor.
i also don't want to use anything with vinegar as i read things with that need to be baked immediately and i wanna make them into shapes for valentines day once the dough is formed.
anyone have any tips for something without an overwhelming flavor? i don't REALLY wanna spring for arrowroot or flax or anything, if i don't have to.
i heard of using baking powder or baking soda before but didn't know what else or how it went really. and also, the above recipe ALREADY calls for baking powder so would this make it come out weird?

any ideas?
Tags: substitutes-eggs-for cookies
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