bionic motherfucker (orphe_) wrote in vegancooking,
bionic motherfucker

more questions about living without soy

1) i know there are blogs for fat-free and gluten-free vegan cooking, but i can't find a soy-free blog. this is disheartening as every time i visit favorite cooking blogs i'm stymied and saddened by gorgeous recipes containing tofu etc. can anyone recommend a blog that's low- or no-soy?

2) is there some reason that tofu, tempeh etc must be made out of soybeans? i always assumed there was some magical characteristic of the soybean that made it the only choice for making these foods, but could it be that it's just the *best* choice for making these foods? or is this just a sad pipe dream on my part?

3) favorite soy-free vegan mayo? doesn't matter if it's a commercial product or i need to whip it up on my own.
Tags: -allergies-soy, substitutes-mayonnaise
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