N (thequeenofquiet) wrote in vegancooking,

two parter...how to grab the skeptical public?

so a couple weeks ago I asked for some ideas to present during my theory course on vegetarian/vegan choices (things like plant ca vs animal ca, disease fighting capacity, environmental reasonings, etc etc) and I've amassed a lovely collection! thank you all..

ANYWAY... now I need to start forming my ideas for a 40 minute presentation on all these aspects...I can handle that part...I like presentations...so my questions are:

1) are there are public grabbing sound bytes that would go over well for a crowd of skeptics (this class is a mix of education/chiro/dietetics/nursing students...)

and more importantly...

2) what are some good vegetarian and vegan recipes that would really impress said skeptical crowd...? they would have to be room temperature or cold, and something you've found impresses omnivores that it's meat(/dairy/egg)less...? I'm going to do a cupcake...and maybe a sneaky tofu dish (chocolate pie? something else?) but can you think of any dishes other than sweets that might go over impressively?
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