Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano (emiwenis) wrote in vegancooking,
Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano

Cookbook dilemma

I know you guys must be as tired of cookbook questions as I am, but here's one anyway, cuz i trust all your opinions.
I have a certain amount of funds left on an amazon gift card and i can either get Veganomicon or another book that caught my eye, Alternative Vegan

I've heard so much good about Veganomicon and have wanted it awhile, but this other one one caught my eye cuz I really enjoy making uncomplicated delicious food at home just using what i've got on hand, and I find that with a lot of vegan cookbooks i have to go out of my way and find and buy special ingredients, often processed pre-made stuff, which I don't really like!

Any advice? Anybody have the 2nd book, or both? I really wish I could get both but alas... $$

Thanks in advance! <3<3<3
Tags: -cookbooks
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