moxie (moxieibiza) wrote in vegancooking,

Polish food question- Pierogi/Piroshky

At my old food co-op, they used to sell homemade pierogi (like what is pictured below) as well as something different which were called piroshky. I can't really find any information about piroshky on the internet, let alone a recipe and want to see if you have advice on the matter. When I do searches for info on piroshky, I get a lot of info on pierogi, but not info on the thing I was told is called piroshky.

The difference between the two, based on my old co-op's nomenclature, is that pierogi are a stuffed pasta and piroshky were a stuffed bread. Piroshky were oven-baked. They looked similar to bread rolls, but weren't as crispy on the outside. Any advice you can give on vegan piroshky-making would be appreciated!

Tags: ethnic food-polish, main dishes-various stuffed things
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