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Baking Abroad

I'm currently spending the semester abroad in Germany. I've met another vegan and we've decided that, because we've been sweet deprived since we got here, that we are going to have a three course dessert meal. We're starting out with chocolate fondue (bread is an appetizer...). Then we're having a 'pizza' with peanut butter cookie dough crust, chocolate sauce and a yet to be determined topping. Then we're finishing with a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.
BUT we have come across some difficulties with Germanizing American recipes. I have baking soda from the states, but there are a couple of ingredients that are apparently impossible to find here. I found some alternatives, but I was wondering if anybody had any advice with using them. This is the recipe I'm using: http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=6686.0

Vanilla extract: I could only find "Essence of Vanilla". Is this like imitation vanilla extract, or is it different? Should I use the same amount or will that make it too bitter/chemically/anything else?

Essig Essenz: It's clear and it smells like vinegar and translates to vinegar essence. It's advertised for salads. Anyone know if this is a lot different than white vinegar?

German flour is tougher than its American counterpart. Advice on not screwing up the texture too much?

Thanks a lot!
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