Melissa (assilembob) wrote in vegancooking,

Dr Oetker pudding mixes?

Oh gurus of cooking...

I frequently use Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding mix, a cook and serve pudding. I make it with Soy milk, Silk to be exact. It always turns out divine. Well I saw Butterscotch at whole foods and picked it up. I just tried to make it and it totally didn't work. It never really boiled, just foamed up and spilled over. So I kept having to turn the heat on and off on our gas stove (this is only the second time I have tried making pudding on gas stove...and find it so hard to control the heat. it won't go low enough really)
Now it's not thickening or setting at all. The flavor is eh.

Do you think it's just that flavor? This would break my heart as I miss the hell out of cook and serve butterscotch pudding (hell butterscotch at all!)
It's really the only variable except the gas stove, and the choclate came out ok last time...was just more difficult to cook. I am not liking gas stoves. They just don't click with me.

Thanks people!
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