Emily (badmoviescript) wrote in vegancooking,

VWAV Pancakes

I'm currently studying abroad and was unable to bring all of my cookbooks with me. I settled on bringing only Veganomicon because it's pretty comprehensive. BUT, apparently it doesn't have a normal pancake recipe. I remember the one in VWAV being absolutely amazing. My friend is making a group of us brunch this weekend and has agreed to make vegan pancakes, but I don't have the recipe. The ones I've found online look iffy and require too many ingredients. Could anyone give me the VWAV one?

PS The all dessert dinner turned out interesting. Our chocolate fondue was amazing, the peanut butter cookie pizza was pretty healthy-tasting but still good, and the cake was good but completely different than anything I'd ever had before. I felt so gross afterwards, but I highly recommend all of you making a three course vegan dessert dinner with some vegan friends. Yum!
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