Kylee (veggiekylee) wrote in vegancooking,

Tofu-stuffed shells

So, I'm thinking that I want to make tofu-stuffed shells for my host-family that eats A LOT of meat. I'm currently an exchange student and we are supposed to make a meal for our host familiesand I thought this was perfect since they eat a lot of pasta.

I was thinking of tofu-stuffed shells with marinara sauce and garlic bread, the sides and dessert don't matter at the moment but if you have any suggestions that would work well with the rest of the meal I'm open to hear them. I want to make the tofu a flavor that works well with marinara and garlic, but not be garlic since the bread will already have that flavor, and I can't think of anything. Any suggestions?
Also, I don't even know if they have nutritional yeast here(I'm in Brazil) and I wouldn't want to use it anyways, as I want to make something that well work well for the pallate of people that eat lot of meat and that I know of have never eaten tofu or anything alternatives. Any other suggestions instead of tofu-stuffed shells that have worked well with omnis would be great, especially typically "American" foods.
Tags: ethnic food-italian, main dishes-various stuffed things, pasta
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