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Help - slow cooker recipes needed!

Well, I bought a slow cooker years back but it has been sitting at a friend's house for some time. Yesterday, I brought the box back, so now I'm ready to go. You see, these days I'm often too tired and flaked out to cook when I get home from work, so I end up snacking and eating lots of bread, which is hardly cook. I want to put my food in the slow cooker before I leave work and come home to find it done and ready to eat!

However, the problem; I have a slow cooker recipe book. It isn't veg*n (tho it has a fair few recipes which are), but this isn't so much of a problem in itself. The problem is that many of the best recipes say things like, "Put in first batch of ingredients. Cook for 3 hours. Add next batch. Cook for another 5 hours.', which is pretty useless for me as I can't come home from work at lunchtime to fiddle with my slow cooker! What I'm looking for are simple, tasty and reasonably healthy one-pot meals. I don't mind recipes where I have to fry onions & spices for 10 minutes before I start, or soak or boil beans before I start cooking them - that's fine.

So, if you lovely people have some nice vegan slow-cooker recipes which don't involve adding anything halfway through cooking (or mushrooms! ew!), I'd love to hear them. I'd also love to hear people's input about slow-cooking specifically vegan products, like soy chunks, tofu, seitan, etc. How easy is it to swap vegan proteins for meat in a meat slow-cooker recipe? I'd assume with something like soy chunks, they'd need pre-soaking and a quick boil, but if any of you have any experience with using a slow cooker, I'd really like to hear it.

Thanks so much!
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