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The Joy of Consumerism

My kitchen utensils were sad and oh so very lonely. I basically had a nonstick wok, one of those spatulas from the dollar store, and a lid from another pot that I don't even have. That pitiful arsenal worked, but cooking started to be this big existential bummer. So, yeah, I loaded up and got maybe 75% of what Misses Moscovitz and Romero recommend in the preface to Veganomicon. Here are a couple standouts that I'm really happy with and that I think others might appreciate. Obviously, I don't have anything to gain from your purchase. Take it or leave it. I'm just trying to help =)

Tramontina 3-qt. Cast Iron Covered Braiser, Green Enamel exterior, Tan interior

Veganomicon said these rule because you can take them from stove to oven to table. Who am I to disagree? Do not be fooled by its friendly gradient green enamel. This mother is life-threatening. Its gravity surprised the poor cashier and she nearly dropped it (which would probably only wreck the floor and anything else in its path without sustaining damage itself). Do not let small children attempt to carry this. It was on sale in my local store for $25.

Chicago Cutlery 8" Santoku Knife

It says it's $20 online, but I could have sworn I only paid a little over $10. Mine is a little different; it doesn't have those notches (what are those good for, anyway?) Well, hopefully I'm alone here but I had NO IDEA what I was missing out with using sharp knives. It does feel and look a bit "cheap" compared to whatever the Mercedes of knives might be, but I can't really imagine those $150 jobbies being THAT much better. Perhaps they're prettier, stand wear better, have a more esoteric sounding brand? Whatever.
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