maggie (brnmsc37) wrote in vegancooking,

Recipe Disaster

Hi (again) everyone.

First, thanks so much for your comments about whether or not there should be cloves in the Lentils and Rice dish from Vcon - I greatly appreciated them!

Second, and here's the issue, I made the recipe last night and it was a disaster. I did not add cloves, but I'm thinking that wasn't the problem. I followed the recipe closely, but by the time I was supposed to add the lentils, nearly all of the water was already gone. So, I added a bit more water. By the time my dinner was "done," I had completely obliterated rice (having absorbed all the water it needed and then some) and fairly crunchy lentils. Textural issues aside, I also found that it had little flavor (likely the result of me adding more water).

I'm certain I did something wrong - anyone have any tips for this recipe. I'm a competent cook, I just have never made this before, so I have no ideas.

Thanks so much! :)
Tags: -failed-recipes&disasters
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