ras ket (minkdolores) wrote in vegancooking,
ras ket

the tofu spectrum

A couple of weeks ago, I opened and drained a block of tofu, and in haste, put it in a plastic container with a badly fitting blue lid I could not for the life of me get to seal shut, and stuck it in the freezer. About a week later, stuck it in the fridge to defrost it, noting it had discolored somewhat to a yellowish color, but hoped it might just be attributed to freezer burn. Today I looked at it again, and the yellow color has mostly gone away, though the top seems to have mysteriously become covered with splotches of pink. All signs point to Throw Away, but I still really want to eat it... but I also still want to live. It still smells pretty benign. Should I chance it?

Darn my terrible kitchen maintenance skills.
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