they call me Mr Tails (tails_redux) wrote in vegancooking,
they call me Mr Tails

vegan and gluten free, chocolate cake recipes/development ideas

I'm looking for vegan and gluten free, chocolate cake recipes - or at
least some ideas on developing recipes.

I have improvised a refridgerated cake a using just chocolate and
ground almonds, but it was quite heavy.

Two main issues I need to address:

Texture - Using some soaked dried fruit (possibly in gluten-free vegan
booze or fruit juice) would make the texture more interesting. Also,
beetroot can be quite complementary to chocolate.

Lightness - Couple of things I can think of here. Using an acid/alkali
reaction, perhaps rasberry vinegar and baking powder. Or a very
fiddly way is by putting the melted chocolate into a charged soda syphon,
squirting it into a tupperware with a slit in the top and then putting it
in an improvised vaccum chamber (storage bags, vaccum cleaner).

As always, I like using real ingredients, not fake egg powder/soy
milk/bobbins like that.

Any help/suggestions/ideas?
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, -food science, -health-gluten free, desserts-brownies, desserts-cakes, desserts-cakes-cake mixes, desserts-cakes-chocolate
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