Maggie M-M (maggishness) wrote in vegancooking,
Maggie M-M

rubbery seitan?

I have tried to make seitan twice now, and both times it has turned out quite tough and rubbery (much more so than meat), any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Or is it meant to be like that?
The first time I made it using this recipe and the second I made the seitan o greatness from the PPK forums, just changed the seassoning and in a smaller batch (so it was more like a sausage than a loaf, so only based it for around 50 minutes).
Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: As per the recipies, the first batch was simmered for plenty of time, and the second batch was baked. And the first batch was kneaded heaps, second only barely.
Is the dough supposed to be rubbery and tough pre-cooking, though? Cause it was in both cases (even with using cold water from the fridge).
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