zenturtle (envirogirl) wrote in vegancooking,

lentil question and informational website

hey everyone! i'm planning a 3 month road trip this spring, and i'll be cooking most of my own food on a coleman propane stove. i've done this before, so i have a lot of good ideas on what to make, but before i always used canned beans and that gets heavy to haul around. the problem with dried beans is that they take a long time to cook, even if they're soaked, and that uses up propane very fast. so, i was wondering about lentils... i know normally you don't soak them, but if you did would it greatly cut down on cooking time? has anyone done this?

unrelated, but i also wanted to share this website i discovered today... it lists fruits and veggies in order of how much pesticides are found in them... good for knowing when to buy organic when you're on a budget.

Tags: beans-lentils, pack friendly foods/camping trips
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