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Lettuce Wraps - Recipe Ideas/Suggestions/Help

My team is having a "snack day" potluck on Monday. And because it's St. Patrick's Day, everything's supposed to be green. People have already signed up for the obvious things - guacamole, spinach dip, etc. - which has me left wondering what I can bring. First, I thought about making dolmades, but I don't have the time this weekend to prepare them. So, I thought about doing Asian lettuce wraps, which would not only be a little different, it would also be something protein-y so I don't have to bring along a lunch.

However, I've never made lettuce wraps. I've only eaten them once at PF Chang's, but I can't think they'd be too difficult to make. And with some beautiful crisp butter lettuce, green onions, cilantro and mint, it certainly fits the bill. And while I know about what goes into it, I was hoping someone might have a tried-and-true recipe. Or maybe some helpful suggestions?

You guys are amazing and awesome. This community is such a blessing!
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