Natalie (arrogant_burn) wrote in vegancooking,

Pangea-themed foods?

Every year, my school holds mock-Olympic games between advisory groups.  Each team chooses a nation (the term is used loosely- past choices have included the island from Lost and various imaginary dictatorships), and this year my advisory is reppin' Pangea (the super-continent, not the vegan store). 

Each advisee has to bring in a food dish which has some cultural tie-in to their respective nation, and I'm stumped for ideas.  Does anyone have some creative, prehistoric-themed food ideas? 
Course does not matter (breakfast, lunch, dessert, etc), but I'm sharing with non-veg advisees, so omni-friendly is a plus. 
I'll only need enough for 5-10 other people, and have both a refrigerator and microwave available on the day of for serving purposes.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: historic recipes, party foods &/or potlucks
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