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Nuttelex not in the USA

In case anyone else was wondering, I contacted the company who makes Nuttelex to find out if it was available in the USA, and if it contained corn. Here is part of the response:

"As a small family company we value feedback so many thanks for taking the time to write to us. We are an Australian company located in Melbourne Victoria. We sell our product throughout the whole of Australia and also in Asia however, I regret to say that NUTTELEX is not available in North America and we are not able to do direct shipping. Our product must be kept refrigerated at all times which makes transport more costly and difficult. I have received a number of inquiries from the Canada and the USA but unfortunately we do not currently sell our product in that part of the world but continue to look for new opportunities and in the near future we would love to find a way of getting it there and to be able to sell our unique product. Our product does not contain corn and is made from mainly sunflower oil with a small amount of canola as well."

So, it doesn't look like that's currently an option for me, but thought I'd share in case anyone else was curious about the product.

Thanks for all the helpful information!
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