Krygyzstan! (ohyourgod) wrote in vegancooking,

Iron Chef!

Tomorrow, my office is holding an Iron Chef competition to benefit a local no-kill animal shelter. All I know about the secret ingredient is that it is a vegetable.

I also don't know what type of heat source will be provided. All I've been told is that it won't be hot enough to boil water.

Some spices and oils will be provided, but we don't know what they are ahead of time.

We get one hour to cook.

We get to bring in three ingredients. I mentioned to the organizer that I might bring quinoa, and she hinted that it would go well with the secret ingredient, but that I would have to cook it beforehand. I'm thinking I will cook it in vegetable broth to give it more flavor.

I'm thinking a big can of tomatoes would be good too.

If you were a competitor, what three ingredients would you bring? Does anyone have any totally sweet ideas?
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