Krygyzstan! (ohyourgod) wrote in vegancooking,

Iron Chef update

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for the Iron Chef contest at my place of work. I decided to keep it simple and brought in quinoa pre-cooked in vegetable broth, a huge can of crushed tomatoes, and an onion.

Unfortunately, they moved the competition up an hour and a half and didn't give any notice until yesterday afternoon. I'm only part-time, so I wasn't in yesterday to receive the email and didn't arrive this morning until after the cooking was done. So they DQed me (and weren't particularly nice about it). I nearly cried, actually, because I was so excited beforehand. To cheer myself up, I took an early lunch break and went to the nearby vegan-friendly cafe and ate a delicious vegan pimento cheese sandwich.

The secret ingredient turned out to be vegetable broth, and the assignment was to make soup. I so would have won that! I mean....I'm vegan, so I'm obviously a vegetable soup expert.

I didn't stay to test the soups people made cause I was kind of upset still, but they all looked good. I didn't see any meatstuffs either. I think it'd be appropriate if all of the entries were vegan, since the competition benefitted a no-kill animal shelter.

When I go home this evening, I'm going to make the best damn vegetable broth quinoa tomato onion soup anyone has ever tasted, and I'll post the recipe here (if it's as good as promised).
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