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Whatever you want it to be, baby.

Vegan Kosher for Passover Recipes?

Hey everyone!
Has anybody here ever made any tasty vegan Kosher for Passover recipes? I've never done a vegan Passover dinner before so this year is going to be a whole new experience for me and my family. I am trying to prove to them that they will not miss the usual overabundance of meat and eggs by preparing for them some yummy vegan versions of the traditional Passover Seder...but any Kosher for Passover recipe is appreciated!
I've found a bunch of recipes online, but I'd rather get some first hand information and recipes from people who have actually tasted/made the dishes themselves.
Also what substitution, if any, do you use for a beef brisket? I found a passover vegetable nut loaf recipe (http://www.ivu.org/vsr/index2.htm?Category=1&SubCategory=5&Page=Recipe_100.htm&referrer=http%3A//www.jewishveg.com/recipes.html) that looks pretty good? Anyone have experience with something like this?
Thanks a lot for any help!
Tags: holiday food-passover/jewish holidays
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