The Endless Womb (quixoticgirl) wrote in vegancooking,
The Endless Womb

seitan from Veganomicon

ah, me again. thanks for all the great ideas about what to do with my blackstrap molasses! now i come with another dilemma:

okay, so i've tried making the seitan in Veganomicon twice now... once the simple seitan, and once the seitan cutlets.

the first time, i made them into nuggets and dredged them in soymilk/cornstarch and then rolled them in flour and cornstarch before frying in oil after i was done boiling and draining the pieces. they had a decent texture but they were wayyyyyyy too salty.

so then i made the cutlets and i only did 1/8 of a cup of soy sauce (i used bragg's) and did 1/8 cup water in the mix. then i also did 1/4 cup of veggie stock to 1/4 cup water in the mix. they didn't come out too salty. but then i sauteed them in a spicy bbq sauce and YUCK! the texture was like chewing something globby... like fat. it was disgusting and it tasted really doughy. blech.

i don't really know what to do. this was the only time i've made seitan, so i could just be totally messing it up. i just want to have a nice firm, chewy texture without major saltiness. and right now i'm just wanting to vom.

any advice for a seitan newbie? i had such grand plans...

thank you!
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