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scones! basic anything-goes recipe.

I love the scone recipes in Veganomicon, but they've always looked a trifle difficult to alter.  I wanted to try out a few flavour combinations of my own, so I found this recipe and modified it.  The recipe calls for one egg and heavy cream beaten together so I whizzed up the requisite amount of soymilk, half a cored and peeled apple, and a scant teaspoon of dry egg replacer.  This allowed for the required thickness of the mixture, the fluffy-up quality of the batter, and the binding properties needed.  The chilled unsalted butter was easily subbed out for earth balance.
The scones were golden on the bottom, light in the middle, and the batter was sweet but not overly so. 
So far, i've tried it with two different flavour combinations - lavender lime (with a handful of lavender petals briefly kneaded in before baking and a lime juice/rind glaze on top) and cranberry orange (similarly, with cranberries tossed into the batter and an orange juice/rind glaze on top.)

Since they take all of thirty seconds to put together, I think I'll be making a whole slew of them in the coming week.  Can anybody think up any other flavour combinations that would work in this recipe?  Dyou think I could grind up loose tea leaves (earl grey or chai, possibly) and toss them in like I did the lavender?
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