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request for food processor recipes

so i'm taking a teaching physical science class, and our last project for the class is to teach each other "how stuff works." the students got on a food kick (at the instructor's urging), and they are going to make waffles (waffle maker), coffee (coffee pot), toast (toaster), and in keeping with the food theme, i chose a food processor.

since i'm quite certain the food they're making won't be vegan, i figured i'd make something vegan that i can enjoy, and it might be a good excuse to get to know my food processor better.

so do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share? obviously hummus is a great food processor food, but i wondered what else was out there. something sweet would be right up my alley, as i have an insatiable sweet tooth, but also maybe something sweet would be a great waffle topping? i'd like the ingredients to be fairly simple (or something i can prep a couple hours ahead of time), since i'll be bringing everything to the classroom and making it there.

also, if you don't have a recipe, just some ideas of where one might go with making the most of a food processor would be *really* appreciated.

thanks in advance :)
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