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Kombucha, the home brewing of

My brother has gotten two new pets, as he so cutely called them; two kombucha colonies, I think they're called. He got them from a friend who's been brewing/growing them for a while now, so he did get a basic how-to explanation, and he has been so far happy the results. Now, me, I've never even tried the drink before, so I have no ideas what to expect and am looking forward to my first taste when the next batch is done fermenting.

Till then, I have a bunch of questions aimed towards those who have some hands-on experience with the stuff:

- from what I've been able to read online, this is a drink made by fermenting black (indian) tea
* anyone know the caffeine content of the final product? I had to give up caffeinated beverages as they really didn't agree with me; one of these days I'll try to bully a doctor into checking if I'm allergic or sensitive or something to it.
* can it be made with some other kind of tea (green, some herbal kind, etc.)?

- our mother reported she'd heard of kombucha fermented with raisins (as a substitute for the sugar, is my guess)
* y/n?
* any other ways/kinds it can be made? (there were mentions of different flavors...?)

- I understand the brewing should not be done under direct sunlight, but what are the optimal temperatures? (Should George & George be moved next to a mild heat source during the cold periods, or can they stay in the not-heated areas of the house?)

- the previous kombucha-related post ended up with a bunch of negative put-downs in the comments which had very little facts backing them there
* could anyone offer some well-supported negatives of doing the whole "kombucha thing"?

- and last but not least, taking George Jr. (a newly divided kombucha colony) home with you - totally wrong, wrong, wrong, I can't believe you have a death wish the size of Oklahoma, OR, really not that big a challenge as long as you know what you're doing and aren't dumb about it? Thoughts, anyone?
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