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Help! subbing out red wine.. can it be done?

So here I am, 7pm on a Sunday, about to throw together a nice big batch of Seitan-Portobella Stroganoff when I realize there's not a speck of red wine in the house nor a single place in the whole of Toronto to go and get it.

Luckily, since my house is full of hipsters, there's a more than healthy variety of beers in the fridge and half a bottle of some cheap white plonk I could potentially use instead.

What do you lovelies recommend I sub out for the red? I've got a small array of vinegars I could also employ, if that makes any difference.

Thanks a million for your advice!

(ps - if you live in downtown TO and have red wine, i will totally feed you stroganoff if you wanna bring it and have a cooking party with me and my squeeze. i'm making lemon custard bars for dessert!)
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