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Jami Dubya

Banana S'mores

Marshmallows rank high on the list of foods I miss, and the thought of never making a s'more over a campfire again... well, it brings tears to my eyes. Sure, I can order vegan 'mallows on the Interweb, but I just can't bring myself to drop that kind of cash on something so frivolous. A few months back, daydreaming about gooey, delicious s'mores, I came up with what I called The Banana Hypothesis: Break off a chunk of banana, and it's roughly the size, shape, and color of a marshmallow. It's sweet, squishy, and tastes good with chocolate like a marshmallow. Most importantly, bananas are plentiful and dirt cheap. A trip to Yosemite over the weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to test my hypothesis, which brings me to this recipe:

Banana S'mores

1 ripe banana
vegan grahams
1 vegan chocolate bar (We used Green & Black's 70% Bittersweet... MMMMMM!)

Find a suitable stick and whittle it to a long, narrow point. Break a graham in half and lay a piece of chocolate on one side, ready to receive the hot banana (I realize how dirty that sounds). Set aside. Break off a marshmllow-sized chunk of banana, place on the end of your stick, and toast it over the fire. It takes a bit longer than a marshmallow to get the banana really heated through and sort of melty, but the results are well worth it. Let the banana get as brown as you like, then sandwich it between the crackers.

Optional Variation: Spread some peanut butter on one half of the graham. (or both!) Soo Good!

I would have loved to get pictures of the process, but, alas, my camera's batteries died before I had the chance. I hope these bring you marshmallow-deprived vegans some joy on your next camping trip!
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