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meal planning

This is quite far off, but I'm a daddy's girl and so I'm excited to show off my cooking and baking talents for my father's end of summer visit.

I'm really anticipating making the recently posted crabcakes and definitely want that to be something I serve when he's here. I thought about pairing that with a good, hearty salad with roasted asparagus but I can't think of a good dressing that would be light to go with it. I originally was thinking of just lemon juice and cracked pepper, but I want to make a lemon remoulade instead of a spicy one so I don't want to overdo the lemon.

So, next I have already decided the wine will be a nice local reisling.

And then there's dessert. What light dessert that doesn't require me buying an ice cream maker (as my first thought was gelato) that would go well with this meal?

I know it's silly that I'm putting this together so thoroughly, but I'm really wanting to impress him. When I lived with him years ago he was used to me making the usual basic pasta and broccoli or whatnot.

Thank you!!!
Tags: foods that non-vegans would like
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