Izzy (digitalelf) wrote in vegancooking,

Salty/savory dips and/or spreads?

Hi there. Long story short: a friend and I are catching up by celebrating Russian Lent and Easter together this weekend. Tradition calls for eating a variety of smoked herring and red caviar on pancakes.

I would like suggestions on salty/savory dips and spreads that can take the place of the fishy elements. I'm already planning on making an eggplant "caviar" but I'm kinda stumped on what sort of salty thing could be made. Texture is not an issue, but savory and/or salty is key.

Bonus points if it's really easy to make 'cause I'm not too awesome in the kitchen. :(

(FYI, we're also making potato piroski and I spent like THREE HOURS making pelmeni out of those vegan meatballs from Trader Joe's.)

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ethnic food-russian
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