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Breakfast Quinoa

I have recently discovered that I have a love for Quinoa; and since it's a perfect protein; I figured Quinoa is probably a good thing to start your day with.
Breakfast Quinoa

(serves 2)
3/4 c water
1/3 c fruit juice
1/2 c quinoa
1/2 large banana or one whole small banana
1 kiwi
1/4 c raw cashews
1/4 c dried cranberries

Boil 3/4 c of water + 1/3 cup of sweet cherry juice and 1/2 c quinoa
(i'm sure any fruit juice of your choice would work fine, the cherry juice gave the quinoa a beautiful color)
reduce to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes, the pull the quinoa off the heat and let it cool for about 20 minutes or so, until it's no longer hot/very warm to the touch.
Once the quinoa is cool, cut up the banana and kiwi into small pieces. Add all fruits and your cashews to the quinoa. Chill in the fridge until you're ready to eat.
Tags: fruits-bananas, grains-quinoa
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