Trish (fetishangel) wrote in vegancooking,

EASIEST pie crust recipe?


So I searched the memories and such, and found some posts for what people consider the best pie crust recipes.

These mimic the ones I've tried to make in the past.

Here's my dilemma - I know how to make amazingly complicated entrees, the most advanced cupcakes and cakes and the cookies that takes 3,000 steps and even more hours.

But when it comes to making a simple pie crust (the "Have everything cold even the bowl and flour, add shortening in pieces, etc" kind), I fail. Every. Single. Time.

So, my question - do you have any recipes for a simple pie crust that turns out great, but doesn't have all the fuss and touchiness of traditional pie crust workings? (I saw a recipe in Soy not Oi! that uses boiled water, but I'm afraid to use it!)
Tags: desserts-pie crust
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