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Potato Asparagus Soup & Make my Meal!

1) Just made the Potato Asparagus soup from VWaV..SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING. seriously, if you haven't made it..
2) I'm currently living with my father and have tons of random things in the cabinet and am in a bit of a food rut. So, here is the list- any good suggestions as to something healthy I can make? (Obviously I can shop for more, this is just my starter list of things I have and would like to use up if possible)
-Canola Oil
-Vanilla Soymilk
-Red Potatoes
-Dill *fresh
-Bay Leaves *fresh
-Paprika *dried
-Thyme *dried
-Basil *dried
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-Soy Milk Powder
-Lemon Juice
-White Cooking Wine
-Flax Seed Oil
-Almond Butter

Also have some: salt, pepper, raspberry preserves, raisins, walnuts

Thank you so so much..I am looking forward to some interesting suggestions!
Tags: make my dinner!!! the cooking game show
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