mr mouse (inquiet) wrote in vegancooking,
mr mouse

what to do with pre-cubed, pre-fried tofu?

i went out for thai this week and got tofu pad thai. yum. well, sorta. it wasn't that great this time around. and though i plan to toss the noodles with some mushrooms and spices, i am at a loss about what to do with the tofu. it's already been deep fried and cubed, but it didn't really take on any of the pad thai sauce. anyone know a way to salvage this? i checked the memories and all i could find was leftover uncooked tofu, which doesn't help much, as i think tossing it into the blender and using it in a lasagna, say, would make for a very strange texture. and my creative hey toss it in this and see how it goes just isn't coming up with anything. any suggestions on what i can do with this tofu?
Tags: -salvaging failed recipes, -what can i do with...?
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