rinalia (rinalia) wrote in vegancooking,

The Poor Woman's Taco Salad

For lack of a better term:

I wanted a taco. Bad. Alas, I lacked the veggie ground, tofutti's sour cream, vegan cheeze and tomatoes. Gazing sadly in my near empty refrigerator, an idea formed in my wittle head - random taco salad night! Thus the Poor Woman's Taco Salad was born. 

I had salsa. Tofu. Hot sauce (we're eloping). Taco shells. Lettuce. Taco seasoning. Enough for the Poor Woman's Taco Salad to be formed. Be creative...just not as creative as I thought I might be by considering adding fennel and rhubarb. Do not do that. It is wrong.

Stir fry tofu in oil until slightly brown. Add the taco seasoning. Coat and stir fry for a few minutes. Break taco shells in half and try your hand at forming a circle. Or square! Tear lettuce and stack upon your shapely taco shell pile. Drizzle salsa and add tofu. If you like it hot (and you should), drizzle hot sauce. Voila, Poor Woman's Taco Salad.

I know, nothing particularly miraculous about this meal.

However, the pictures are pretty, ergo the sharing. 

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