Trish (fetishangel) wrote in vegancooking,

VwaV Falafel

So last weekend, the boyfriend and I decided to make falafel using the recipe from VwaV. Mind you, we've never made falafel before.

I know I added all of the ingredients. All of them. And waited till the oil was hot in the cast-iron pan, it even made the bubblies she was talking about when I put a tiny bit of the batter in.

But when we put the patties in, they mostly crumbled to bits, and we were left with oil-falafel crumb soup (don't worry, we didn't eat that).

The only way the rest of the batter survived was through us making them as large as hamburger patties. Which wouldn't be that bad, except they didn't cook through, and still fell apart at the edges.

Has this happened to anyone else? The only thing I can think of is that I over-processed the chickpea mix when I put it in the food processor :(
Tags: -failed-recipes&disasters
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