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These Brownies Kick Ass: Recipe from the VEGANOMICON

Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies


2/3 cup plus 1-2 cup semisweet chocolate chips (I use dark Whole Food’s brand.)

10 ounces blueberry spreadable fruit (I use WF Wild blueberry jelly.)

¼ cup soy milk

½ cup canola oil

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

½ teaspoon almond extract

1-½ cups all-purpose flour

¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder (I use Maya Gold Dark)

¼ teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup fresh blueberries (I use frozen. It seems to make no difference.)

PREHEAT THE oven to 325 F. Grease a 9 * 13-inch baking pan.

Melt the 2/3 cup of chocolate chips, reserving the other ½ cup as whole chips. To melt chips, place them in a microwave-safe bowl on high heat for 1 minute. Stir the partially melted chips and microwave again for another 30 seconds.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the blueberry spread, soy milk, sugar, canola oil, and extracts. Mix on high speed (using a hand held mixer) until no large lumps of spread able fruit are visible.

Sift in flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Stir until well mixed; use a fork here because the batter is very thick and can clump up in a whisk or mixer. Mix in the melted chocolate chips as well.

Fold in the remaining ½ cup of chocolate chips and the fresh (frozen) blueberries. Spread the batter in a mixing pan.

Bake for 45 minutes. You can’t really use a toothpick test here because the chocolate chips will make the pick look wet and the top will appear soft and crinkly and not done, when, in fact, it is done.

Remove and let cool for a half an hour.





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