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Last night I tried this recipe I got from a low GI veg*n cookbook. It wasn't a disaster or anything ... in fact it was actually not bad. I really liked how the tofu turned out and the combination of vegetables with the rice was very appealing. Plus I roasted the capsicums myself and they came out really yummy. However, their flavor was lost in the dish. Cooking the rice in the veg stock did give it a smidgen of flaver but overall the dish was just SO BLAND and BORING!!! I was super disappointed.

Ingredients for paella included:
red onions
basmati rice
roasted red and green capsicum
veg stock
smoked paprika
pine nuts

The recipe called for saffron, but I didn't have any and instead used tumeric. I knew that tumeric would give the color but not the flavoring but surely the lack of saffron wouldn't make THAT much of a difference would it?

I added some lemon, which perked it up a bit but it was still boring.

My partner added chili powder to hers. I tried it and it wasn't too bad but still not really what I was looking for in this dish. I didn't want spicy, just flavorful. I considered adding curry powder, but again it didn't fit. Besides, I already have so many dishes with curry in them. This was supposed to be something different and new for us. We considered herbs, but vetoed that as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can perk up this dish? (I have leftovers) I'm in Brisbane so only stuff I can get in Australia please.

Thanks in advance for the ideas!!
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