shoe addicted expatriated zulu (blueeyed) wrote in vegancooking,
shoe addicted expatriated zulu

Stuff to serve with pizzettas

Hello. I'll be cooking for three omnivores tomorrow night. It's a week night, so I won't have tons of time to make something fancy. I'm planning on a salad and a few pizzettas with various toppings (Isa's tofu ricotta, pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto, kalamata olives, roasted yellow peppers, spinach, etc.). I am also going to make a lemon "cheesecake". I feel like I need another element. Usually, I'd make some bread and a white bean spread and call it a day. However, since I'm doing pizza, I don't think bread would be a good choice. What side(s) do you think would go well with the menu I have planned? Bonus points for something that I can make the night before or can make quickly. I'll be home at 6:15, and they'll be arriving at 7:00! Also, I'm probably going to do a basic Greek salad unless you have a better idea. Thank you!
Tags: ethnic food-italian, side dishes
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