xseitanistx (xseitanistx) wrote in vegancooking,

Cheezly Cheese

I'm thinking of trying some new vegan cheeses. I read all the faux-dairy product reviews in the memories, but few people mentioned Cheezly. Personally, I am a big fan of Vegan Gourmet, and I've read enough positive feedback about Sheese and Teese to convince me to give them a shot. But what of Cheezly? I believe one comment mentioned Veg News had voted it best vegan cheese one year, but I'd rather hear folks' personal experiences. Only five people reviewed it on veganessentials.com!

So, what is your favorite flavor of Cheezly? Any flavor I should avoid? What are your favorite uses for itt? Any cooking methods I should avoid with this particular "cheese" (e.g. cheese sauce)? How does it compare with better known vegan cheeses, e.g. Vegan Gourmet, Veganrella, Rice, etc? Is it worth the cost to at least say I've tried it?
Tags: -product reviews-dairy products
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