Trish (fetishangel) wrote in vegancooking,

Help me build a menu!

So, my friend is having a birthday party on Saturday evening, and I've volunteered to make the majority of the food.

Anyway, I'd be so happy if my lovely vegan friends at vegancooking helped me build a menu!

I'm looking for easy-ish, quick-ish recipes (under 40 minutes prep time) that are yummy.

So far I've got:

-Mini blackbean burger wraps (burger recipe from Vcon)topped with guac or tropical chutney (own recipes)
-Quinoa mango & black bean salad (Vcon)
-Spinach asparagus dip (Vcon) with home made pita chips
-Cauliflower hummus with veggies
-Samosa stuffed baked potatoes

I need at least one other salad suggestion, a dessert suggestion, and maybe some other simple recipes, like a one-pot main dish.

ALSO, I don't have a car, so anything one can get at a regular grocery store would be great - that one's just a couple of blocks away!

Edit I should also mention that they don't mind vegan food, in fact, they love it, so I'm not trying to cater to things omnis would find least "vegan" or "normal", I'm just trying to find something fun.

And no mushrooms or brussel sprouts!
Tags: party foods &/or potlucks, quick-meals
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