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Allergy-free alternative?

Okay, so I really miss having mustard with my tofu pups & veggie burgers but I'm allergic to apples & grapes so I guess that means mustard made with most vinegars or apple cider vinegar is out. But I got to thinking, what about rice vinegar? Is it possible to make a mustard with that? If so, anyone have any good recipes for making your own mustard/mayonnaise? Or is there something I'm missing here where this would not be possible either? Same question for mayonnaise.

Secondly, I heard recently that Follow Your Heart (makers of Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternatives) have released Cream Cheese & Sour Cream products though I haven't been able to find them at my local stores yet. Anyone else seen these & tried them? If so, what did you think?
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