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Recipe suggestions for baking with a dodgy oven

First some background info:

I'm currently living at my boyfriend's grandma's place. She has a pretty old gas oven and they have to buy gas in as they don't have it piped here. I think that affects the temperature as the gas level gets lower (it affects water temperature and pressure anyway). The temperature gauge has no numbers, and does "hot" and "not so hot", usually taking about twice as long to cook frozen food, eg Linda McCartney pies! It also burns things on the bottom so we have to put a dish of water in to keep that from happening...

The question:

Though I'm currently searching the shops for an oven thermometer and probably going to have to get one online, I'm wondering: does anyone have any recipes for cakes/desserts that can be done without really knowing the temperature...? I'm desperate to bake something!
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